Product and Packshot Photography Service

At Pixeleyes, we strive to produce exceptional images that perfectly compliment your brand’s identity. Whether you are a world-renowned brand pioneering your latest campaign, a PR agency seeking to create fresh, new content or a young startup looking for premium images to engender your vision, we guarantee a comprehensive service that will encapsulate your needs entirely.

Specialist Product Photography Company | London

Our team, highly experienced in all aspects of the shoot process, will coach you through exactly what is needed. We can help you refine your brief to ensure you’re utilising your time and meeting deadlines as efficiently as possible. We will advise on the most effective means of conveying your aesthetic, whilst simultaneously ensuring that all expectations are accommodated for. During the shoot we’ll work closely alongside you, whether in person or remotely, to maximise communication and produce images to your exact specifications. Once the shoot is over, our retouchers, who are directly informed by our photographers, will polish all assets under your guidance.

With our vast experience comes a wealth of technical and artistic knowledge. When it comes to images with a more creative slant, our photographers are well versed in creating fluid water effects to elegantly wrap around your products, splashes to inject a sense of dynamism, smoke and mist effects to give breath to objects, and are able to utilise a wide array of props both common and bespoke to create special effects specific to your image needs.

Product Photography Rate Card

Our rates are competitive and our friendly team will do whatever is necessary to accommodate your Product Photography shoot.

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