Jewellery Photography

The Pixeleyes team understand the attention to detail that is required to produce high quality jewellery imagery. We use the highest quality lenses, cameras and lighting to capture the shine in a metal, all refraction of light in gemstone and the finer details of the craftsmanship. Whether you are an established designer jewellery brand, a PR company looking to devise a marketing campaign for a new range, or an independent silversmith looking to capture the meticulous detail and artistry of your hand-crafted pieces, we will design a shoot that emphasises the elegance and beauty of your jewellery line.

Specialist jewellery photographers

The Pixeleyes team is highly experienced in all facets of a shoot; we will advise you as to exactly what is needed on the day and in post production. We will help you finalise your brief to make sure you’re using your time as efficiently as possible We will make suggestions as to the best means of delivering your aesthetic, whilst at the same time assisting in directing the process and being mindful of the brief your brand’s identity. On the day of the shoot we’ll work very closely with you, whether you can be with us in person or if you are communicating with us remotely, as we understand through experience that maximising communication throughout the process is the most important factor in delivering images that will meet your expectations. Once the shoot is complete, the retouching team guide you through the editing process and sign off each image, whilst being in constant communication with both yourself and the photography team.

As the pinnacle of womenswear photography, we are dedicated to producing jewellery photography of the highest degree. As visible in our portfolio of work, our conceptual designs for images are far reaching and we are determined to create inventive and unique compositions to align with the tone of each piece. We pride ourselves upon the meticulous designs of each set and the immaculate retouching involved in the process. Should you require us to, we will seek out and source the perfectly marbled stone or lustrous walnut, or envelope the piece in a sculptural coil of ribbon or delicate papercraft. With you at the helm of the process, we guarantee superbly crafted images that cohere with the luxury of your jewellery pieces.

Jewellery Photography Rate Card

Our rates are competitive and our friendly team will do whatever is necessary to accommodate your Jewellery Photography shoot.

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