Beauty Textures

Pixeleyes have a firm grasp of both past and present trends in beauty texture shoots and understand how to utilise these to help your imagery stay current, fresh and seen; styling is key in highlighting the invididual elements that will make your products’ features stand out, and our photographers are ready to swatch, swipe, blob, crush, crumble, drip, squiggle, smear, scribble, splash, chop, spray and ultimately texturise your formulae. If you are looking to create a campaign for makeup swatches or foundations and want to make sure the quality of your that the shades and tones appear on-screen as they do in the real world or you need advice as to how to present your products for different skin tones, we have years of experience in working with backgrounds, lighting, colour correction and skin allowing you to focus solely on your message and keeping your products centre stage.

Specialist product photographers

We have many years experience in all aspects of the shoot process, we will ensure you are guided through what we will be required on the day and after in post production. We are confident we can help you refine your brief so that it will deliver the vision of the campaign whilst being realistic with resources and keeping everything on schedule. We are always aware of conveying the aesthetic to your consumer and will provide suggestions throughout the process as to the most effective way achieve this. We are very conscious that we need to meet your remit and produce images that are going to work for your product, so we stay in constant communication with you whether you are present on the day of the shoot or overseeing remotely; after the shoot our retouching team will be in close contact with you and sign off each image exactly as you want them whilst providing advice on how best to achieve your vision.

It takes years of experience to acquire the technical and artistic skills that produce quality beauty texture images that will work for any given narrative. We understand the importance of differentiating between formulae and that the visual texture on-screen informs each individual consumer’s brand loyalty. We are keenly aware of specific beauty demands and ensure our images will demonstrate the lightness and clarity of your toner, the silkiness and quick-absorption of your SPF, the viscosity and density of your mask, the fluidity and creaminess of your foundation, the lustre and drama of your eyeshadow and the opulence and tactility of your lipstick.

Product Photography Rate Card

Our rates are competitive and our friendly team will do whatever is necessary to accommodate your Beauty Textures Photography shoot. 

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